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Spindrift Marionette presentations offer an enticing invitation into the world of folk and fairy tales. When the story begins, a veil of silk is lifted off the stage, revealing a magical landscape where the action will unfold. The scenery is built of layers of hand-dyed silk draped to suggest mountains, castles, forests, etc.









The marionettes, hand made of silk, cotton, and wool, are flowing and graceful.


The stories are narrated by a  reader who  adds live  instrumental music , songs and chants to enhance the telling. Stories are chosen from classic fairy tales and world folklore to inspire, delight,and reflect the diversity of cultures and the unity of human spirit.

Spindrift Marionettes have been performing shows since 2001 at preschools (Plum Hill, Island Children’s School, the Family Center) at elementary schools (Chilmark, Tisbury, West Tisbury, Oak Bluffs, Edgartown and the Charter School) at libraries (Edgartown, Tisbury,Aquinnah, and West Tisbury) at the Island Waldorf Community family celebrations, at the Chamber of Commerce First Night., at Polly Hill Arboretum, at the Yard and the Katherine Cornell Theater,  and at the 1st and 2nd Annual MV Puppet Festivals .

Connection to AACDP

Spindrift Marionettes has been associated with the African Artists’ Community Development Project since its inception in 2001. At every community performance Spindrift donates at least 50% of the proceeds to this cause, of which Marsha Winsryg is the director and under which Spindrift Marionettes receives its non-profit status. We also have made
a short documentary “Waging Peace in Zambia” in which children in Livingstone, Zambia are shown at one of our puppet workshops. Here is live evidence of the power of puppets, storytelling, movement and music to bring pleasure and engagement to children everywhere. Making peaceful global connections is more important than ever in a world divided by war, economics and religion.

About the AACDP

The African Artisans Community Development Project—AACDP—provides economic opportunity for Zambian artisans while generating cash support for local Zambian NGOs treating children who have been orphaned or disabled as a result of the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Our method is simple and cost-effective.  We buy Zambian crafts from local artisans at full market rate for Africa; we sell the crafts here in the United States at American rates; we send the profits back to Zambian schools and clinics providing services to children.

See our website at www.aacdpafrica.org